Heel pain peoria

There could be lots of reasons why you have heel pain.  The heel bone, or calcaneus, is the largest bone in the foot.  Heel pain is most common in children or adults over age 40.  Some of the more common causes of heel pain are listed below:

  • Fracture of heel bone – may occur in an accident or fall
  • Sprain – injury of the soft tissue or ligaments around the heel bone
  • Heel spurs – abnormal growths of bone
  • Stone bruise – stepping on a rock or another hard object
  • Plantar Fasciitis – inflammation or injury of the plantar fascia

For minor heel pain you may just need to rest your foot and use ice to reduce any swelling.  However, if the pain persists after rest and/or if you are unable to bend your foot downward, rise on your toes or walk without pain you need to see a doctor for evaluation and testing.

Symptoms of pain with redness and swelling, fever, numbness and tingling in your heel should be evaluated right away.

We will examine your heel and may want to perform x-rays or ultrasound if the cause of your heel pain is not apparent.  Once the doctor has determined the cause of your pain and your course of treatment you will need to follow the treatment plan until your pain is gone.  In some cases it may take months of treatment before your foot returns to normal, but hang in there and follow the doctor’s advice and soon you will be back on your feet again.